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Discuss list

Much of the conversation about our project takes place on the Discuss mailing list. Please join the mailing list if you want to take part in planning, software development, documentation, or any active part in the growth of the Growstuff project. We welcome non-techies (especially those with gardening experience) to join us as "customers", to help us better understand what you need and how we should build the site.

Subject tags

Because the mailing list is our "everything" list, and we have techies and non-techies on it together, we find it helpful to flag messages that are intended for a techie audience vs. those that are intended for a general audience. This means that people who have little or no interest in the tech stuff can quickly skip past it and focus on the stuff that's of general interest.

The tags are:

Intended for a general audience including gardeners and other community members who are interested in the project but not in tech minutiae.
Intended for a technical audience. Most software development minutiae, sysadmin talk, etc should have this tag.

Please remember that Growstuff explicitly wants the whole community to be aware of and involved in developing the site as much as possible, so these tags shouldn't be seen as excluding people from conversations, but as informing people about the content of conversations so they know what they're going to get when they open an email.

API-discuss list

For discussion of our API -- its use, development, etc.

Crop wranglers list

For members of our crop-wrangling team.

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