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Growstuff uses IRC for real-time chat among its project participants. Everyone is welcome! Conversation is mostly on the subject of the Growstuff project, but friendly chit-chat also happens.


How to connect

Using an IRC client

If you already use IRC and have client software installed, here are the details to connect to Growstuff's IRC channel:

Server: Channel: #growstuff

Via the web

If you don't have IRC softare installed, you can connect via the web:

All you have to do is choose a nickname (any short name to identify yourself, such as your Twitter handle or similar) and connect to the #growstuff channel.


We have some bots in the channel. These look like people, but are actually software.


Espalier is the github notification bot. It uses github's hooks to notify the channel whenever a change is made to the Growstuff/growstuff repository.

(Why espalier? Because of the branching.)


Tansy is an infobot. She runs on flooterbuck software, which is quite ancient but which does the job.

You can use the following commands:

X is Y
Tansy will remember anything you say that fits this pattern
Tansy will answer with "X is Y"
something++ or something--
adds or removes karma from whatever -- this is used to express approval/disapproval of that thing
karma something
tells you the current cumulative karma of that thing

There are more, but you'll probably pick them up pretty easily if you watch her in the channel

Weekly gatherings

We used to hold weekly gatherings on IRC every Wednesday, but stopped at the end of 2013. Below are some transcripts of them.


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